Why Bright City?

Bright City was developed to help solve significant issues that all cities must address:
  • Streamlining internal and external communications often adversely impacted due to budget and staff cuts.
  • Expanding security by adding extra eyes in the community to watch out for crime and dangerous situations.
  • Expediting the flow of information to appropriate departments and staff members for answers, repairs and resolutions.
  • Reporting emergencies faster and more accurately.
  • Building trust among elected officials, city staff, law enforcement and its citizens.


Bright City’s Newsfeed allows cities to share important, pertinent information among its citizens in a timely and direct manner.
  • Within moments of a decision, alert or media event, a city can issue notices and information to its citizens that reaches the community in seconds.
  • Avoids messages getting lost in the clutter of pop culture or friends and family social media feeds.
  • This gets the information important to your community into the hands of your citizens at the right time and with the right message.
  • No third party interpretations.
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Events and Ticketing

Bright City is helping to make cities more fun and active for its citizens. The Event and Ticket Purchase feature helps promote city-sponsored events throughout the community with just the tap of a finger.  City event marketing dollars are scarce but Bright City allows cities to shout out to its citizens exactly what’s happening in their community and how to purchase tickets, register for the event or simply just attend and enjoy!  

Secondly, Bright City grants cities the option to sell tickets right there on the app with lower processing fees and more direct revenue to the cities. The citizens receive one stop shopping and the cities earn a greater percentage of their ticket sale revenues so it’s a win-win for everyone.
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Citations and Payments

Bright City now allows your city to receive payments from your citizens on any number of invoices. Be it fees for licenses, citation payments, utilities, or code violation, with Bright City your city can now make payments with a tap of a button.

Using Bright City, revenue generation has never been so easy. Finally an app that saves your city time and money and improves the daily flow of information through your operations.
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Citizen Alert

Report and receive citizen sourced and law enforcement verified information on crime, weather, traffic, scams, suspicious activities and more. Bright City believes in the crowd sourced wisdom of engaged citizens.

October is Crime Prevention Month. Read our story about how to increase safety by arming citizens with tech.
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Property Watch

Vacation patrol, vacation watch, extra-patrol; no matter what it’s called, use Bright City’s Property Watch to schedule, monitor and change a patrol request for your home or business. Collaboration for personal safety in a mobile app.

City Maintenance

Citizen sourced and city verified information on potholes, downed wires, power outages, graffiti, code violations and more. Report and receive information on maintenance issues. Government transparency; know that your city is aware, addressing problems and engaging citizens to keep you community beautiful.
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Property Lockbox

Digital catalog to recover lost or stolen property. For home or business, snap a photo, add some details and hit save. Lost or stolen? Simply tap “Report Stolen” and your local law enforcement agency will be notified immediately with the details. Use this list as proof for insurance claims and to employ a crowd-sourced effort to help recover the items.

City Connect

Now for the first time, your entire government accessible by your citizens on one mobile app.

Using City Connect, government employees, residents, and business owners alike can dial or message a city department/employee with a tap on their phone. City Connect imports your entire municipality’s communication tree for an easy-to-browse directory structure that allows calls and messages from citizens and employees alike to be routed to the appropriate end user without ever showing a phone number or email address.
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